This is my story of Male Extra

My name is James Gallagher from the UK and wanted to write this review after using Male Extra for 4 months now.

I am 36 years old and happily married with my wife Tina but there was a time 3 years ago where I felt my libido slipping away. It was a strange feeling because my wife and I have always been so sexually active and so into each other but for some strange reason I felt my sexual drive become less. It wasn’t because I wanted other people either, I no longer wanted to even masterbate.

When we were having sex, I felt like my erection wasn’t sustainable, it was weak and I had a lack of energy for sex or masterbation. Sometimes I wouldn’t cum or sometimes I would cum too quick. Basically I wasn’t performing and it bothered me. The more it bothered me, the more difficult it came to having sex which obviously started causing problems with me and my wife. It was hard and embarrassing to talk about with anyone including my wife.


At that point when our relationship started to become effected, I took action much like you are doing now. I read about the problems that I have and others have. It’s actually a common issue among men and for this reason there are many products and a lot doctor’s advice online.

All the research and advice bought me to where we are now – Male Extra. From hours of research about performance enhancement products and exercises, Male Extra was the stand out product. People boasted about its amazing effects, it’s 100% natural and it’s recommended by major medical practitioners. The only disadvantage I could find was the price but for a quality and trusted product, I was told I need to pay this much even though I wasn’t 100% sure it would work. However, they offer a 90 days money back guarantee which made me feel very comfortable because they showed so much faith in their product.

Product Review

Each packet of Male Extra has 90 pills which is enough for one month. I decided to buy three packs on my first order because they had a great special offer for 2 free at the time and many people online suggest 4-6 months should be the perfect amount to order.

The product arrived in plain and discreet packaging. There was no way that anyone would know what was inside. It came with a free DVD too which has doctors exercise advice which I try to do when I can but also helps supplement the pills.

How do I do it?

All I have to do is take 3 of the pills every day. One in the morning, then lunch, then dinner. I have been doing it for 4 months now and here are my results:

The first week, I didn’t really notice any difference in my libido or urges but then in the second week I started to notice a change. I had urges for the first time in weeks to really want to have sex. In terms of performance, I didn’t last so long but I put that down to only being two weeks into the program. After a month of doing exercises for 3-4 days and taking the pills every day without fail, I started noticing a huge difference.

I began to crave for sex again but it was with a really amazing desire and energy. My wife loved that all of a sudden, I wanted to be in control. Not only did I have this great energy within me, I also lasted longer than I normally did. In terms of size of erection, I couldn’t see a difference but I would say with desire and energy came a much harder erection.

The results!

Ever since that first month, I have continued taking the pills every day and until this current month, I had been doing the exercises 2-3 times per week. The results have been amazing! My wife says my penis is definitely bigger when erect because she feels it. My erections are so much stronger and harder and I feel like I am 21 again in terms of the energy for sex or masterbation. On top of all this, my performance has been amazing, with me lasting so much longer in bed and being able to satisfy her so much more.

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What do I think about Male Extra pills?

To conclude, I feel great. Male Extra has been life changing for not only me but for my wife. It does exactly what they promise to deliver when I bought it and I have ordered more pills just last week as I am now about to enter my final month.

If you have a similar situation to me or at least performance related, then Male Extra is definitely the best because it’s 100% natural and gets you the amazing results like it did for me.

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