Month: November 2016

What is Prosolution?

As far as male enhancement and sexual products are concerned, the product known as the ProSolution have achieved a different position from the other natural products available in the market. There are variety of reasons behind it, with the first being the use of natural herbs in it. This natural product is made of a combination of various natural herbs which offers the best results.

Ingredients in Prosolution

The ingredients like Momordica, Drilizen, Zinc and Taj all combine to produce hard and big erections. On the other hand the ingredients named as solidin and L- Dopa focuses on increasing one’s sexual satisfaction and desire. The safe combination of all the natural ingredients present in ProSolution pills raises Nitric Oxide produced by your body. This allows large amount of blood to flow into the penis. The natural herb known as Momordica helps in digestion and also reduces the body fat.

Another component named as Amla and Apigenin is proved best for treating cancer and provides a dosage of vitamin C. The ingredient, Arjuna helps in regulating blood pressure, rate of heart beat and cordyceps, helps in the producing testosterone, thus increasing its level. The elements used in ProSolution pills relaxes the muscles which in turn restricts the blood flowing into the penis. It also increases the testosterone in the body. Both these advantages not only help in one’s sex life but also allow them to feel better.

How does the pills work?

With this natural male enhancement product one get back the vitality they used to have in the past. The best thing about ProSolutions pills is that with one single pill a man can have satisfaction, pleasure, desire as well as happiness all at once. Due to the natural herbs used in this natural product, it does not result in side effects. With the intake of Pro Solution pills, not only you will feel better but your partner will ask for more.

The Pro Solution pills increases the thickness, and length of the penis. Along with this, this natural product also helps in stopping the premature ejaculation and offers a long lasting erection. This pill can help one increase the size of their penis by 30% with increasing both length and girth. It improves the hardness of erection and sex drive. With all the benefits, this pill increases confidence and sexual abilities. Once you start taking ProSolution pills you can enjoy more sex.

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Another Male Extra review

male extra dosage is 3 pills a dayA special thanks to my good friend Tim for writing this review of Male Extra pills, you can check out my own review here.

Are you looking for a penis enlargement product which yields perfect results, no side effects, enhanced stamina and clinically approved? Then, the new male extra has all the answers for your requirements. It is made up of a combination of natural ingredients yielded from a series of clinical trials to aid in penis enlargement and stiff erections. Upon taking a 3 pill dose every morning, the body is supplied with 1500 mg of the constituents’ thus ensuring adequate intake by the body. Continuous take of the prescription helps in attaining the desired outcome quickly.

Male extra is made up of the following ingredients:

  • L-arginine (This is the most important ingredient in Male Extra pills, read more about it here this is an amino acid which helps in blood circulation by enhancing production of nitric acid necessary for blood circulation. It helps in ensuring that enough blood is supplied to the penis thus ensuring a stiff erection during sexual excitement.
  • Epimedium sagittatum- popularly known as horny goat weed due to its functioning. It is a plant with extracts that causes loosening of the spongy penile muscles. This helps blood to freely flow and fill the spongy cells thus attaining a hard erection.
  • Punica granatum- is a natural growing shrub, bearing fruits rich in Pomegranate extracts. Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants which help in the un-restricted blood circulation. It also helps in sustaining a stiff erection without any side effects.
  • Zinc- found in almost every body cell and fluids. This mineral plays an important role in cell formation, tissue repair and cell growth. Thus resulting in penis enlargement through cell growth and stretching.
  • Lepidium meyenii- or maca, is an ancient herb producing a root vegetable known to increase libido.

How male extra works

The prescription provides the body with supplements aimed at improving the general penile health. The above mentioned ingredients aids in cardiovascular blood circulation in the body, increase in sperm count, libido boost and enhancement of body stamina with no side effects. A pack of male extra comes with a dvd containing guides and exercises on how to attain desired results.

Benefits of male extra

  • Enhanced natural blood circulation in the body.
  • Increase in libido leading to a prolonged sex even after ejaculation.
  • Aid in ensuring strength and energy thus relieving the problem of premature ejaculation.
  • Increase in the sperm count, this is of benefit to couples who desire to have a baby.
  • Increase in the penis length up to 3 inches.
  • Added confidence in the sex life thus relieving on the distress of underperformance during sex.

The product has been reviewed by customers as awesome, with some attaining the desired results within two weeks. A guarantee on full amount is offered after 90 days if the product is not satisfactory. The product is available in the market and one can get access through online order. Upon an online order, one benefits from free shipping and bonus products. A useful bonus is the penile health dvd consisting of tutorial skills of how to achieve desired results from the use of the product.

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Written by Tim