Extenze Pills Review

extenze pill review 2017Your penis is a source of power, health and vitality. Thousands of-years-old phallic symbols are proof that you aren’t the only person fascinated by it. With a big whopping penis, you are not only the ultimate lover of your partner’s XXX-rated fantasies, but you are also the alpha male par excellence around your mates.

What does ExtenZe do for me?

Extenze pills work to give you a longer and thicker shaft. It works by stimulating your blood flow. Increased blood flow to the penis is what produces an erection. On their website (extenze.com) the makers of ExtenZe claim that it is a “strong, advanced formula designed to enhance sexual desire, pleasure and performance. It is simply the best ever created”. Incidentally, on the extenze.com website, you can get a free sample of ExtenZe pills

What’s in the pills?

ExtenZe pills are an all-natural product, so you need not have any concerns about side effects. Black pepper , ginger root, yohimbe bark extract, Korean ginseng root extract, Velvet deer antler, horny goat weed, pumpkin seed, stinging nettle and licorice are some of the natural ingredients found in ExtenZe pills. This is where ExtenZe pills are different from normal male enhancement drugs. Rather than simply giving you a bigger erection, the ingredients work to raise your testosterone (Read more about testosterone here and why it is important to you) to optimal levels, which will improve your general sexual energy and health.

The results

ExtenZe pills have been on the market for five years. They have been clinically proven to work. People who have tried ExtenZe pills generally give very positive reviews of the product, reporting increased sexual satisfaction and performance. A whopping 60% of people who reviewed ExtenZe would recommend it to their friends. One reviewer claimed that over 21 days his penis increased to 8.75” in length and 5.5” in girth. Considering that the average erect penis is just over 5” long, and 4.5” wide this result speaks for itself.

ExtenZe pills is easily recognizable and easily accessible…you can actually get them from supermarkets like Walmart or you can get them online at extenze.com.

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